Tips For Insulating Your House

If you wish to reduce the wastage of energy in your home and also lower your energy bills, one of the first things you should do is to check the insulation system of your house.

50 to 70% of an average American family’s consumption of energy is used in heating and cooling their homes. A lot of this energy is wasted due to air leakage and inadequate insulation.

By insulating your house, you will be
– Maintaining a uniform temperature all through the house, making it much more comfortable
– You will make the floors, ceilings and walls cooler in summer and warmer in winter
– Save money

You should actively consider insulating your home if
– Your house is uncomfortably hot in summer and freezingly cold in winter. Creating a more uniform temperature in the house by adding insulation will increase comfort
– Your home is fairly old, and you didn’t add insulation in the past. A recent survey revealed that only 20% of all homes built before 1980’s were properly insulated.
– You have decided to build a new house or an addition, or you are installing new roofing or siding
– You are paying excessive energy bills
– Too much noise from outdoors is bothering you – insulation will help in muffling the sound

A proper insulating system uses a mix of construction techniques and products to protect the home from air infiltration, to control moisture, and conduct thermal performance. By making a moderate investment in a proper insulation system, you can not only make your home more comfortable but also reduce your cooling and heating needs by up to 30% of your current consumption.

Properly insulated homes not only save the homeowner’s money every month, it also helps in conserving critical energy resources for the country and for its future. Energy efficient homes are beneficial for the environment because of decreased rates of air pollution.

Which areas should you insulate?

Your ceilings, attic, basement and exterior walls, crawl spaces and floors should be checked for insulation, to find out whether or not it meets the recommended levels for your area.
What are R values?

Insulation is rated in R values, also known as “Thermal resistance”, which shows resistance to heat flows. The higher the R values of your roofs and walls, the better they will resist transfer of heat.

Insulation types

Insulation is made from a variety of materials such as fiber glass, rock wool, cellulose and other recycled material, and comes in 4 types – rolls, batts, loose filled or rigid foam boards, which fit in to different parts of the house.

I am a DIY freelance writer and I cover all areas of the construction industry.  I specialize in writing about construction companies that stand out in quality workmanship and taking care of the customer in today’s housing market.  Whether it begins with a Chicago Gutter or a Naperville Roofing project I know firsthand that a great construction experience must begin with a great independent contractor.

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Taking Good Care Of Your Roof

Your home probably represents the largest investment in your life, and as with any large investment, you have to do everything you can to make it last. Your roof is a major part of your investment. Don’t make the mistake of thinking there is not much for you to do to look after your roof, and to make it last. There are several things you must do to keep your roof great looking and also functional.

For one thing, the drainage system of your roof is important, to keep it dry and to maintain its structure.  Be sure to check your gutters regularly, because your gutters handle the moisture drainage from your roof.  If they get clogged, the water cannot flow off from the roof.  This can lead to serious water damage causing leaks, which can in turn even cause structural damage.  Always check your gutters, especially following a severe storm.

Another time you should check your gutters is autumn because falling leaves can accumulate and clog up the system.

Check your attic carefully at least once in the year for stains or warping,  which may indicate a problem, in which case call your roofing expert without any delay, to fix the problem before further damage is caused.

As a homeowner, you can’t always anticipate what problems winter will bring. Depending on which part of the country you live in, winter can be a harsh time for a home; plumbing can get frozen, windows get fogged. But you should not have to deal with a damaged roof.

If your home is in an area susceptible to ice and snow, you have to make sure beforehand that your Christmas is not spoiled by an overworking heating system and clogged gutters. With snow falling on your roof, the warmth from inside your home thaws it and sends the water dripping into the gutters, and some of it won’t drain but freeze, causing ice damming.

Unless you are vigilant about checking your gutters, you will have problems with them in the winter months.  If the ice is too heavy, it could break the gutters. If the roof of your house isn’t adequately insulated or protected, there could be seeping from melted snow underneath the roof shingles and leakage into your home.

This is the reason proper ventilation should be used when installing a new roof.  In its absence, the heating system works harder and expends more energy to warm your house.  An insulated attic keeps the heat within the home, and the snow remains intact on the roof till the arrival of warmer temperature, when it melts away.

If you know how to take care of your roof in the winter, you will have fewer problems with the arrival of spring.

I am a DIY freelance writer and I cover all areas of the construction industry.  I specialize in writing about construction companies that stand out in quality workmanship and taking care of the customer in today’s housing market.  Whether it begins with a Chicago Gutter or a Naperville Roofing project I know firsthand that a great construction experience must begin with a great independent contractor.

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Replacing Your Roof Soffit

Taking care of your home, especially when it comes to roof maintenance, is something a homeowner cannot neglect.  If your roof soffit is old and made of wood, you would do well to contact a contractor or a roofing company to replace the rotted soffit with a new vinyl one.

The majority of people are familiar with the parts of the roof which often get damaged due to wear and tear like broken shingles; but very often, they are unaware that sometimes the soffit is the cause of the problems.

What is soffit?

Soffit is the covering between the edge of the roof and the walls of a house; you can see the soffit if you stand beneath the roof’s overhang and look up.  The soffit is important for preventing moisture from damaging your roof and the entire house.

Most homeowners are unaware of the soffit and what role it plays in protecting their house, so they neglect inspecting it annually. As a result of this, old soffits, particularly the ones made of wood, get rotted over time.  Luckily, a lot of soffits are not made of wood. Many homeowners these days are taking the decision to replace their old wooden soffits with vinyl made ones.  Housing experts think vinyl soffits are a useful addition to the roofing system of most houses.

The great advantage of vinyl is that it does not easily get degraded over time like wood, which starts rotting when exposed to moisture. Houses age over time and gutters are often not properly maintained, and water seeps in the soffit area and sits there for long periods of time. A wooden and wet soffit can decay quickly, which puts the entire roof and the house at risk.  But vinyl can easily withstand these circumstances.

You will also find that vinyl is quite cost effective in the scheme of construction materials, and the expense you will incur in replacing your old wooden soffit with new vinyl ones will hardly cause any financial strain.

A vinyl soffit will be beneficial for your house in many ways; it will of course keep your valuable property moisture and water free, and it will also save energy. Most present day roofing companies install vinyl soffits that are vented, which allows air circulation into your attic area and keeps moisture out at the same time. The improved air circulation helps in dissipating the heat in the attic area and your house gets cooled in the process, thus saving you money.

I am a DIY freelance writer and I cover all areas of the construction industry.  I specialize in writing about construction companies that stand out in quality workmanship and taking care of the customer in today’s housing market.  Whether it begins with a Chicago Gutter or a Naperville Roofing project I know firsthand that a great construction experience must begin with a great independent contractor.

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Various Types of Siding Used in Construction

i) Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is an easy to maintain, long lasting and cost effective solution. It is very durable and can withstand most kinds of weather conditions. Especially, the latest variety of vinyl is resistant to cracking and becoming brittle. The material can also withstand sunlight for a number of years without fading. Since the color is baked through the material, the siding does not lose its color even after extended exposure to the elements. Vinyl siding needs to be only spray washed once or twice a year to have it looking brand new for years together. Depending on the thickness of the siding used and the surface area to be covered, the initial cost of vinyl siding can vary. But since the need to repaint or repair the surface is non-existent, vinyl siding can be extremely cost effective in the long run. Vinyl siding also provides a layer of insulation thereby reducing heating and cooling costs.

ii) Cedar Siding

Cedar siding is exceptionally beautiful because of its rich texture, brilliant hues and naturally occurring wood patterns. The colors can range anywhere from honey brown to light amber, making it suitable for a wide range of requirements. The pleasant fragrance of cedar is another appealing feature. The naturally occurring oils in the cedar prevent most kinds of decay and insect attacks. When finished properly and maintained well, cedar siding can last for a number of years and age gracefully. Cedar also has better insulating properties than most other woods and brick or concrete. Therefore, cedar siding keeps the interiors cool in summer and warm in winter naturally. Cedar also has good sound insulation properties to keep external sound from penetrating into the interiors of the building.

iii) Fiber-Cement Siding

Fiber-cement is made from a mixture of Portland cement, wood fiber, clay and sand. It is an ideal siding material that is known for its durability when painted properly. When compared to vinyl siding, fiber-cement siding is stronger, tougher and fire-resistant. It can be painted or even have wood textures imprinted on the surface for a realistic look. It is however more expensive than vinyl siding and needs professionals for installation.

iv) Aluminum Siding

Being a maintenance-free choice, aluminum has become a popular material for siding. It comes in a variety of styles and textures, making it suitable for a lot of building designs. It can be noisy and is prone to denting. Aluminum siding is moderate in price. It also comes in Vinyl or plastic coated varieties which are more expensive, but these can obtain a warranty of 35 years.

v) Steel Siding

Seamless steel siding is known for its strength and resistance to shrinking or bulging due to change in temperature. The siding can be custom-fit to the exact dimension of the building. Steel siding also comes with a wood texture look which is ideal for homes. The ones with a corrugated steel look would be more appropriate for industrial structures.

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Important Information about Gutter Maintenance

Gutter maintenance is very important to make our surroundings clean because it produces pollution which is harmful for people to survive, in dirty areas. Gutter toxic waste is extremely dangerous for children, as they have sensitive nervous system, so large number of pollution destroys their life. Chicago Gutter maintenance is done by specialized people who work to keep our surroundings clean. Maintenance is required after some time, because without it a person’s living, in that area will become more difficult. When the carelessness of gutter maintenance becomes wide, then it is difficult to solve. In this busy world, no one has enough time for this, so it is necessary for you to maintain your gutter lines after some specific time period.

In some conditions, this problem arises when all lines are blocked, so maintenance is essential to find the solution of blockage of system. Everyone knows about the quality of pipes which they have used and they also have knowledge about its guarantee which is given by company, so they should clean their gutter lines in time. It is good if they maintain their sewerage system by skilled people because these people know better than the house owner to handle pipelines. Chicago Gutter maintenance can also be done by yourself, you can check your pipe lines after every 6 months, and it also helps to decrease your problem of sewerage system.

If gutters are not well maintained then people have to face the problem of blockage which causes damage to the life style. Old house alse needs maintenance of gutters timely. House owners spend their money for gutter installation, so that they can prevent their gutters from damages. Gutter maintenance is essential to keep your pipe lines clean because if any corner of the pipe line is not maintained then you would have to face a bigger problem. This minor problem can become a much bigger problem for you. When you will realize that the pipe line of your first floor is blocked then you should maintain it immediately before all the lines of the first and second floors are blocked, which can destruct your gutter lines and give you depression. Gutter maintenance should be done before all gutter pipe lines are blocked.

Many people collect dust, pieces of wood, shopping bags and many other things from gutter corners because these items are the causes for gutter blockage. Gutter maintenance helps to protect all pipe lines which are used in house building. After maintenance, you will get many benefits which will help you to live in a clean atmosphere. You have a big advantage of gutter installation that gutters become cleaner and have no blockage.

Those house owners, who live in cities full of humidity, should give extra care to gutter maintenance. Wet weather is harmful for pipe lines and this type of weather causes leakage from pipes, which is harmful for the house owner. So, it is necessary for all the house owners to maintain their gutter pipe lines. Must consult a professioonal for it.

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